Insight TV





  • ART DIRECTOR: Juha Laukkanen
  • MOTION DESIGNER: Juha Laukkanen
  • GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Mika Junna & Salla Jaatinen

About Insight TV

The channel is a global Action Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyle channel with a passion for creating content that takes the viewer on an adventurous journey to explore and interact with stories. The range of programming demonstrates the best of  4KUltra HD; from beautiful, vivid cinematography to high-speed action. Because of the rapid expansion and the limited availability of quality Ultra HD content, INSIGHT TV decided in an early stage to produce the majority of the programs for itself. The programs are available for, interested broadcasters, streaming platforms and short form mobile distribution..

Logo update

The company logo consists of the red hexagon, the “in” symbol and the text INSIGHT.TV, which is a combination of the company name and the website address.


  • Flama Condensed Bold
  • Flama Semicondensed
  • Flama Bold

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What can I say? It has been a pleasure. We really appreciate the hard work and transparency your team has provided throughout the whole process and overall we feel your work has brought an extra layer and cohesion to what was missing from our brand.

Justin SteelGlobal Channel Manager

We love the gfx and the new look and it’s been so lovely to work with you.

Lisa BurchPromo Producer

It has been great and we’re very happy with the upgraded design.

Arun MaljaarsDirector Content & Channels

Promographics in action!

All graphics elements are made with motion graphics templates.